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DISPERSE: New Album Living Mirrors

DISPERSE inject fresh momentum into the progressive genre. On their second full-length "Living Mirrors" this young Polish band demonstrates that they have learned the essential grammar of their musical language by heart. There are moments of hovering fluidity taken from the void left by PINK FLOYD. You will find the complexities of cascading syncopated breaks, odd-time signatures and all these tools of trade that DREAM THEATER brought close to perfection. And most of all, there is a strong undercurrent of CYNIC’s playful approach in elegantly fusing hard Metal sounds with just any style they deem appropriate ranging from Jazz to electronic elements. Yet although DISPERSE reveal their roots, they already managed to shape a sound of their own on debut album "Journey Through The Hidden Gardens" (2010). This was the fruit of long and hard labour since their founding in the Polish city of Przeworsk in December 2007. DISPERSE released a demo entitled "Promo 2008" and quickly gained a reputation as an excellent live band, which earned them an invitation to the prestigious GO-Rock Festival among others. Their reputation spread rapidly and international shows including the UK Tech-Metal Fest in Alton as well as the Euroblast Festival in Germany followed. Now DISPERSE are ready to take on the world. "Living Mirrors" is witness to the Polish' amazingly fast growing skills as creative songwriters. There is a maturity and confidence in their arrangements that emphasise the melodic flow instead of utilising their considerable technical skills for self-service and showing off. DISPERSE make progressive Rock and Metal seem easy. Yet listen closely and you find an ocean full of amazing details!

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